This course is for women who want to learn the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) for self-guided sessions and personal growth. Anyone can learn AFT!


Using this training, you’ll be able to practice the Aroma Freedom Technique on your own, whenever you need it!


You’ll gain vital skills to discover, process, and resolve difficult emotional blocks, so you can finally move forward in freedom.


What the Aroma Freedom Technique is and why it works
What women can learn from the moon about trauma, emotional health, and empowerment

Why you haven’t been able to change your responses to certain triggers yet

LUNAR goal-setting for women who are daring to dream freely again
The Steps of the Aroma Freedom Technique and how to effectively apply each step
How to create an effective intention statement for your sessions

How to identify the specific lies you subconsciously still believe

Why holistic freedom involves more than just knowledge and cognitive awareness

How to listen to your emotions and understand what they’re telling you
The difference between feeling words and judgment words – and why it matters

Why taking conscious thoughts captive is just the tip of the iceberg – and HOW to take subconscious thoughts captive

How essential oils work so effectively with the brain to calm and recalibrate the nervous system

How and when to use your essential oils throughout your AFT session to clear emotional blocks

Why you CAN and should trust your intuition, and how to tap into it

How to be transformed by the renewing of your mind
How to create and use a personalized affirmation that actually anchors you and changes your life 

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In this course, women learn to use the Aroma Freedom Technique for self-guided sessions and personal growth.

We use specific essential oils and blends that work directly with the limbic brain to neutralize the emotional charge associated with distressing “triggers” held within the attached memory complex.

This simple, gentle technique brings profound personal breakthrough.



Emotional Resolution, Our Luminary Moon, & LUNAR Goals



AFT Set-up and Creating Your Intention Statement



Feeling Words & Trusting Your Intuition



Your Self-Guided AFT Session



Reflection & Revolution



+ Self-guided course, including video lessons & valuable downloadable tools

+ Access to the private MOONBEAMS Facebook group for sharing and support

+ FREE Guided AFT session over Zoom
with Rise & Shine Aroma Freedom for Empowered Women








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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need for my self-guided AFT sessions?
You’ll need your AFT oils, a quiet space with no distractions, a pen, paper, and quite possibly tissues.
Can I use another brand of essential oils?
The Aroma Freedom Technique was carefully designed to work with Young Living Essential Oil blends that have been meticulously researched, tested, and intentionally formulated for specific emotional purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot use other oils or blends.