Like an endless night sky, trauma stretches itself out… a blanket, covering every area of our lives. Yet we rise, as the moon. After we have made it through the night, we find ourselves bewildered, lost, exposed. We run to familiar shadows… under which we can hide, and cope, and somehow believe we are safe.





As we begin to heal, parts of us remain in hiding. We are like a lunar eclipse… quietly longing for an uncovering… longing to shine… longing to guide ourselves home.




Even for the strongest survivors and the mightiest sensitives, trauma recovery is often multi-layered and can take years to unravel. Repeat-trauma is unfortunately very common – even for those who understand how it works. There are several reasons for this:


  • Trauma often begins in early childhood, so coping patterns are deeply-rooted in the subconscious mind.


  • We have no healthy pattern to follow. Something in our life has changed for the better, so we assume this equals recovery… only to later realize that we are still hiding and coping, just in new ways. Like putting on the same pair of pants in a different color.


  • Culture often rationalizes, normalizes, and reinforces trauma.


  • We’ve forgotten how to listen to ourselves. After betraying ourselves enough times, it feels too risky to trust our own intuition. We continue to seek out external sources of safety, wisdom, reassurance, love, and acceptance.


The fact is, for both survivors and sensitives: If we’re going to live a new life of freedom, we can’t just go in blind or we’ll end up in re-trauma. We’re going to need EFFECTIVE TOOLS to navigate our new life.


Here’s the good news for people like us, who have been through what we’ve been through: GOD HAS EQUIPPED US WITH TOOLS THAT WORK REALLY, REALLY WELL.


And these tools are super easy to use. I can’t wait to show you…


Why I Created A Special Aroma Freedom Group for Empowered Survivors and Highly Sensitive Women

In short: because I know what it’s like to be an empowered woman who still lives in a dark world.


Maybe, like me, you look back at all you’ve come through and are finally able to feel proud of your brave decisions, gained skills, and a growing confidence. You’re moving forward into your new life – with healthy boundaries, self-approval, courage, and freedom. This is a wonderful place to be!


But you also know this whole “survivor” thing ISN’T a destination. Saying “I survived” isn’t saying “I arrived.” Just like the moon enters into new phases, we continue into new phases of transformation. We inevitably discover even more shadows – more opportunities for growth and healing. You can find yourself in a much stronger, safer place… AND continue to uncover areas of wounding, self-abandonment, and negative beliefs. Don’t be surprised when this happens after you’ve traveled around the world and back in your healing – even the moon experiences a new revolution every 27 days!


The “trauma shadows” that seemingly pop up out of nowhere are actually buried, unresolved emotions. They may be tied to memories from long ago, or recent moments, and they once played a part in keeping us safe. But their only goal now is to keep us spinning back to unhealthy patterns. Patterns that may involve:


  • toxic attachments


  • financial problems


  • parenting struggles


  • stuffing emotions


  • overextending
  • loss and grief


  • self-shaming


  • new and old friendships


  • family of origin issues


  • everyday stress

If we are going to break old patterns and create new ones that reinforce self-love and self-acceptance… if we are going to begin to live and respond to life in unfamiliar (but healthy) ways… we are going to need something that can help us identify the root of the memory-emotion link… and break it.

Emotional triggers and patterns do not magically go away after surviving and understanding trauma. Each day still presents hundreds of choices to either SHINE… or hide. To trust ourselves, or abandon ourselves. Like the moon, we either become more whole and bright, or we dim… and slowly disappear again.


Whether you just realized your life is full of toxic people and destructive patterns, or you’re already free and healed, growing and advocating… you have triggers. You face new challenges. You have relationships. You’ve got a finite amount of money. You have decisions to make. You get up every morning and face unique fears, stresses, and problems. Your higher self wants to talk to you. God loves you. And can I just say this? It doesn’t always have to be so excruciatingly hard. It really doesn’t!


No matter what season you’re in, the Aroma Freedom Technique just WORKS. It is the best tool I have (and I’ve tried a lot)… and I want YOU to have it, too. That’s why I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating this amazing way to get it to you! You’ll discover that some of your “blocks” are directly linked to your worst trauma… and you’ll find other emotional blocks you buried long ago, totally forgot about, and had no idea were related or holding you back now. Still other blocks come from recent stressors. We can use AFT to clear out any residual strongholds – so you’re free to rise and shine.


Most people feel completely different at the end of a session.


Essential oils just work so beautifully with the brain. You’ll begin living differently and with more confidence in your true self again. Your life will feel more aligned with who you really are. You will feel free again. You will breathe easier. You will think clearly again. I’m not saying your life will suddenly be peaches… but for most people, a HUGE weight is lifted.

What Rise & Shine Aroma Freedom clients are saying…

“Thank you — it was so freeing! I have definitely been more calm and relaxed to the point where others are pointing it out and I find my affirmation randomly popping into my head thru out the day.” — C.H.

“Thank you so much, Kate! I really appreciate you working with me. It was such a great session and I look forward to doing more in the future! I feel great!” — M.I.

“My first session was a totally new experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Kate made me feel comfortable and patiently walked me through it. I am really glad I did it, and I’d highly recommend Kate as your coach!” — K.S.

“It’s definitely helping!!” — J.J.

“Kate helped me through so, so much during our session and beyond. I was dealing with extreme anxiety and feeling really overwhelmed with life that it would cause me physical pain in my heart. I didn’t realize how much pent up emotion and hurt feeling I was holding onto from the past until she walked me through them. I can honestly say I can breathe now.” — H.W.

“Wanted to share… I wake sometimes in middle night/early morning with PTSD. Raising heart rate and anxiety. Sometimes intense shame. This week I started saying my affirmation as soon as I’m awakened and it happens. I calm down immediately!! It is helping!! — E.R.

For anyone with PTSD, I highly recommend this modality! AFT was new to me but I found after one session I made some incredible shifts! Kate is so great to work with. Her voice is so soothing, her heart is so genuine and shines through in the session. — K.L.

Some Important Features of AFT

The oils do the hard work. Because Young Living Essential Oil molecules work so well with olfactory receptors, they’re able to stimulate the amygdala and hippocampus areas of the brain – where emotions and memories are stored. This allows our emotional brain to reset.

AFT brings you to the root of your highly-charged emotions, and gently dissolves that link to your current situation.

Your mind is supported to work at its highest potential, so people often overcome strongholds in one session that might otherwise take 50 sessions in other modalities.

Our essential oils have been carefully researched and blended for optimal emotional transformation.

You can gain clarity and confidence about relationships, career, finances, or any area of your life.

You can feel content with who you are, regardless of others’ perceptions.

You can break ties with shadows that have held you back, and feel confident about moving forward – even when you see other perspectives. 

We need our new beliefs about ourselves to stick, and we need an easy way to clear our unresolved emotions when they come up.





He knows all about the effects of trauma on the body and mind. So he provided a way for us to get a permanent shift, to literally renew our minds, and to take thoughts captive. He knows we can’t just will ourselves to think and feel in certain ways.

It’s like we’re standing next to a lake, and we need to get across. We tend to say, “If I just think hard enough about this, and understand my problem well enough, God will get me across this lake!”… and God says, “I gave you a boat. It’s sitting right there next to you. All you have to do is get in!”


Aroma Freedom is your boat – specially designed to transport you to a place of genuine empowerment, freedom, and peace.



As you allow yourself to drift along in this boat, you’ll discover how to love and value yourself in new ways. Trauma runs deep. And overcoming the effects of such deep pain involves more than just head knowledge. It takes finding your inner child, learning how to stay with yourself, learning how to prioritize your own needs, learning how to take care of yourself, and taking your voice back. These are some areas we’ll be paddling through in our collective group of customized boats.


And really, it doesn’t matter what part of the lake you’re in. If you’re in a place where you truly desire to step into new, healthy beliefs about yourself and your place in the world… but you just keep disappointing yourself, spinning your wheels, stumbling over triggers, or struggling with new layers of negative beliefs… new kinds of challenges… Aroma Freedom is for you. We were strong enough to survive, we became stronger as we healed, and we will continue to get stronger as we paddle through life with new perspective. Whatever your next steps may be, are you ready to tap into your intuition and be empowered with not just new knowledge, but actual “felt” emotional strength?


I created this group for my mighty sensitive friends… I created this group for my fellow survivor-advocates and coaches... I created this group so my wonderful one-on-one clients could have an easy, affordable way to clear away their shadows on a regular basis. I see what happens in our sessions, and… you guys? The breakthroughs are often… dare I say it? Miraculous. (I don’t usually use that word, because I know it’s really just biology! But breaking strongholds is powerful stuff, no matter how you look at it.)


I’m sharing my dreams with you, friends! I created this group so all of us can have the MOST EFFECTIVE transformative brain tool, because what we have lived through is indescribably BIG. And when the shadows come… I want us equipped – not just with knowledge – but with a transformed mind and heart. My great desire is that we could practice AFT together, in a safe and supported circle of friends, at an affordable cost. This is the dream for Rise & Shine Aroma Freedom for Empowered Women.






In particular, I’m looking for:


—> Women who have climbed mountains… but still have some mountains in front of them.


—> Women who are choosing their own healing and growth everyday… and don’t want to get distracted or stuck.


—> Women who are coming out of hiding… and long to shine, like the moon, even when it gets dark.


You know how the moon is sometimes hidden behind shadows and clouds? When those clouds clear away, and the full beauty of the moon is revealed… it takes your breath away. Clouds of buried emotions and shadows of unresolved memories are cleared away with AFT. The end result is something incredible to behold. Rise & Shine Aroma Freedom for Empowered Women is a safe, supportive place to get reacquainted with your intuition, to freely rise up out of the shadows, and to feel assured by your true self again. 


Ready for your next steps?


THERE’S AN EASIER WAY to clear out the dirty basement of your brain that has been programmed for defeat and destruction… because the oils do the dirty work! Many people say that AFT works better for them than EMDR. Others say they made more progress in one session than several years of therapy.


You don’t have to keep trying so hard to “not think about the pink elephant,” so to speak, or beating your head against a wall (or a Bible) to force yourself to think in a new way. (This actually makes things worse, and will probably give you a headache.) God is much gentler with us than that. God has given us really great TOOLS to take thoughts captive… to literally reset our mind and emotions.


As we go through the process, you’ll easily realize — and release — negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that interfere with reaching your intentions and goals.

You’ll set your emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, toward growth and expansion.

You’ll inhale specific essential oil blends to activate a permanent shift in how you view yourself and the world.


Step 1: Get Your Oils.


Need the AFT Oils?

Get them here at Rise & Shine at a 24% discount!



* Order soon – shipping can take longer this time of year, and you’ll need your oils for your first group session!! *


Already a Young Living member? No problem! Just log into your account and order whatever AFT oils you still need. We will be using: Frankincense Vitality, Lavender Vitality, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, and Believe. (If you already have Valor or Transformation, those can work in place of Believe.)



Step 2: Already have all six AFT oils?

Register or pre-register.




We are an Aroma Freedom Support Group for mighty sensitive women and strong female survivors who desire to courageously advance into our next steps of freedom, growth, and purpose – equipped with the two most powerfully transformative tools ever designed by God: essential oils and our own intuition.


Rising into freedom is a journey – not a destination – with new challenges popping up along the way. We recognize that our need for direction, emotional clearing, and breakthrough emerges in each new stage of growth. As new life challenges present themselves, we use the beautifully effective Aroma Freedom Technique to identify strongholds buried within our subconscious mind. We resolve these emotions, and inform our subconscious mind of our new, empowered paradigm. 


We are bravely choosing:

…to compassionately love and re-parent our inner child.

…to get to know and accept our authentic, higher self.

…to discover and take steps toward our true design.

…to trust our own intuition.

…to throw off every negative belief that has kept us “stuck” in old patterns so we can keep shining like the moon – even when it gets dark.

…to pursue emotionally-safe, mutually-edifying relationships.

…to uplift, encourage, and support each other in our various healing and growth experiences.


We begin our twice-a-month group sessions with an intention, such as “I love and accept every part of myself” or “I am focused and productive in my work.” You can use the group intention or something more personal and specific to your situation. We use the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) to identify, reprocess, and release each negative thought, feeling, and memory that interferes with reaching our desired intention. This gentle yet powerful practice sets our emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, toward growth and expansion.


AFT is an effective step-by-step process that brings profound, personal breakthrough. We use specific essential oils and blends that work directly with the limbic brain to eliminate the emotional charge associated with distressing triggers held within the subconscious mind. This activates a permanent shift in how we view ourselves and the world.


I am a Certified AFT Practitioner and lead this group through two full AFT sessions each month. Members also receive 50%-OFF individual Aroma Freedom and Memory Release sessions. Our private Facebook group is a safe place for all members to share challenges, inspiration, and support.


Register or pre-register to join this special group for empowered women today. 


Group sessions will meet two Mondays each month at 7:00 pm CST via Zoom. You’ll receive the schedule and Zoom link in your email.


Member Price

Next Open Registration Period: May 1-2, 2021
Sessions begin May 3, 2021


Cancel anytime. 

Still wondering if Aroma Freedom could really help you? Of course, any results of coaching do depend on your follow-through with your own intentions after sessions are over, BUT I trust this process to put you in a place where you are able to succeed. I have seen so many amazing breakthroughs, and expect a GREAT shift for you during our time together!

You’re free to cancel anytime, and you won’t be billed for future months. Thank you for understanding that once a monthly membership has been paid, no refunds will be made for that month.

So, what are you doing in the near future to “Rise and Shine”? Right now… what goal is on your mind… but seems unreachable? Let’s set your intention and get started!

You have a choice to make. You can carry on as usual. Afraid. Alone. Misunderstood. Burdened with pain. Consumed by guilt or anxious thoughts.

Or, you can choose to bravely invest in yourself, conquer your emotional obstacles once and for all — and give yourself the freedom to REACH. THAT. GOAL.

You are on purpose, Brave One. Rise and shine!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I need for sessions?

You’ll need your AFT oils, a good internet connection, the Zoom link (I will email it to you), a quiet room with no distractions, a pen, paper, and quite possibly tissues.

Can I use another brand of essential oils?
The Aroma Freedom Technique was carefully designed to work with Young Living Essential Oil blends that have been meticulously researched, tested, and intentionally formulated for specific emotional purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot use other oils or blends.

Which essential oils do I need for our AFT sessions?

You’ll need Lavender Vitality, Frankincense Vitality, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, and Believe.

(Transformation or Valor may be used in place of Believe.)

How long will sessions take?

Approximately one hour, depending on the need.

I sometimes feel like a loner on this journey. Will there be time to connect with other members?

This Aroma Freedom group is geared specifically toward female survivors and highly sensitive women, so it’s a great place to form friendships with women who understand your challenges and victories better than most!

During sessions, we will give some time at the beginning to briefly share challenges, and affirmations can be shared at the end. Please use the Facebook group to check in with each other, share testimonies, and encourage one another.

Do I have to share what I'm going through?

We will briefly share some intentions and negative thoughts that come up for us at the beginning, which is helpful and supportive in a group setting because we realize we are not alone in our challenges. You can do what feels best for you, and you’re never required to share anything. What is shared in the group stays in the group.