Why Highly Sensitive People Need Essential Oils THE MOST


Plus — The Best Way for HSPs to Get Started With Oils


How great would it be to get through the day without overthinking everything? To enjoy harmonious encounters with other humans, even when you’re distracted by details… to feel optimistic about life… to not be so “affected”… to let go of other people’s problems… to get amazing sleep… and maybe even make a positive difference in the world?


It is possible, friends.


Some of us want to be better parents. Have more balanced professional lives. Enhance our ministries or volunteer efforts.


But because we’re so intensely processing all the things… there are some very persistent, sensitivity-related obstacles standing in our way, and we get STUCK. Obstacles like…


  • racing thoughts


  • analysis paralysis


  • brain fog


  • health struggles


  • fatigue


  • aches and pains


  • skin probs


  • nervous irritability


  • social nervousness


  • feeling down a lot


  • dramatic, energetic children who live in our homes (whom we love to the deepest depths) and need lots of attention 🙂


  • difficult or destructive relationships


  • forgetfulness


  • wacky hormones


  • digestive issues


  • something worse…


If you have faced these kinds of obstacles, you are not alone. Millions stand with you in your frustration and pain. I’ve had my own set of obstacles that make it tough to just be productive in life, muchless make a difference in the world.


Mighty sensitives. This is ridiculous. It should not be this way. High sensitivity is a gift. It’s our superpower!


I don’t want to be held back in life by any form of anxiety, or lose out on richer relationships because I’m afraid of being misunderstood, or live in constant pain because I’m overstimulated… do you?


Therefore, I propose that we make a decision to overcome these obstacles so we can shine brighter and do some sensitive good in the world.


Because… I have been held back by nerves. I can be discontent in relationships. And pain… oh, I know pain.


So when I ended up at a point in life where I was dealing with daily debilitating, chronic issues – like I know so many of us do – after extensive testing, my doctor concluded:


“We need to get the chemicals out of your body and out of your home, so your brain and body can recover.”


Say what??


Well, this…





Did you know that many, if not all, of our common obstacles – at their root – have been linked to toxic, synthetic chemicals in our homes? We eat, drink, breathe, and apply harmful chemicals to our skin (60% of which are absorbed right into our bloodstream) everyday. And each day, our bodies do their best to hold up against the many hundreds of harmful chemicals to which our grandparents had very little, if any, exposure – and it was rare for them to face these kind of obstacles. Correlation?






If high sensitivity is our super-mighty superpower, then friends, these chemicals are basically KRYPTONITE.


Especially for highly sensitive people. They make everything worse. As if we need more drama to handle.


But check out these startling facts about the U.S.





Now I’m not saying that synthetic chemicals are the only form of “kryptonite” that limits our ability to thrive. There are also toxic relationships, toxic thinking, toxic mold…


But when I did what my doctor recommended and ditched all the toxic cleaners, perfumes, lotions, toothpastes, etc… then got rid of the processed foods… step by step (this was a PROCESS)…


*** I regained my health !! ***


My health was so bad for so long that I thought this would never happen. As far as I was concerned, this was as good as a miracle!! (By the way, if you can push your baby down the street in a stroller without paying for it in pain for 3-5 days, count your blessings.)


Anyway, the good news is that WE CAN minimize our exposure to “kryptonite” chemicals and overcome these obstacles!


What if you had a simpler, safer option to UPGRADE your health and well-being?


And what if I told you it’s not complicated, it’s well-supported by science, and it could save you money


This is where essential oils come in.


What I’m about to share with you, I feel, is something sacred.


When I first started using oils, I had no idea what I had discovered at the time.


I was hoping to get physically healthier and have more non-toxic options for my son’s skin issues.


What I got was a pile of oils that we used not only for that, but for literally hundreds of everyday needs – PLUS mental and emotional balance for this HSP.


They were so incredibly EASY to use. Just open and sprinkle… And they WORKED!!


Essential oils, until you start using them and are wowed, are the best-kept secret from HSPs and other humans. Is there an antidote to kryptonite? That’s what essential oils have been for me, time and time again. They

detoxed our bodies of chemicals…

replaced most of the toxic products in our home when I added them to WATER…

cleaned our house…

strengthened our immune systems

brought relief to my head and joints…

helped my son focus during school…

gave us energy

balanced our emotions

helped us sleep

and made everything and everyone smell amazing



I was stunned at how effective the oils were with such a wide variety of issues. I tried really hard not to annoy my friends about it, but I felt a moral obligation to share about them… And now I feel like it would be downright selfish to keep this a secret when the oils work so well, are so safe to use, and have saved us money. I want people to know they have options, and better ones.


I will be truthful. Oils don’t solve or take away ALL of our problems. I’m going through some very difficult trials right now and sometimes I wish there was a “potion” to just make all the difficulties go away. There isn’t.


But when I am upset? There’s an oil I use to calm down.


When I’m going to be in a high-stimuli environment and don’t want to soak in all the energies of every person, there’s an oil I use to avoid exhaustion.


When I’m triggered by a person who has harmed me or others in the past, there’s a trauma oil that helps me stabilize.


When I’m despairing because of a transition or life change, there’s an uplifting oil I use to take back my hope.


When I’m so completely overwhelmed with fears about the future and my mind is swarming with thoughts, to the point I can’t even focus enough to pray… there’s an oil I use to slow those racing thoughts. And then I am able to pray.


I want this for you, too. Because I know I’m not the only HSP in the world who is going through a life crisis or has become sensitive to chemicals or wants their health revived. And a lot of us need something gentler than the traditional options, without side effects.


Because once you have directly suffered the devastating health consequences of chemical sensitivity and discovered its link to your problems – you know better. And you do better.


I had to learn the hard way –– after years of mindlessly consuming toxic chemicals into my body (perfumes, body sprays, shampoos, dish soap, cleaners, processed foods, dryer sheets, makeup, lotions, etc), and being bedridden for a good part of my son’s childhood –– just how badly years in a toxic environment can affect a body and a brain. My health journey has included major struggles.


Sharing about essential oils is my way of helping you take steps toward a healthier lifestyle – especially if you are a highly sensitive person – in hopes that your path to wellness will be much easier than mine was!


Here’s the thing…


We can’t completely purify our environment in a fallen world.


But we aren’t completely helpless, either.


Maybe you’re NOT an HSP, but you just want to take an easy, effective step to detox your home and get your family healthier. You can use oils, too, of course! (Just make sure you leave plenty for the HSPs, okay?? *wink*)


So, we now have a beautiful community of people who are building their health, one step at a time, with these amazing little bottles of plant juice. Our community is Rise & Shine, and it’s a wonderful resource for people who want to kick toxins to the curb and supercharge their physical, emotional, and mental health!


Rise & Shine is an exclusive online community for the “Clark Kents” and “Diana Princes” of the world, who are ready to stop masquerading as “normal people” and step up their super-sensitive game.


Well, not really…


Chemical sensitivity is on the rise and in reality, it affects everyone –– not just HSPs. But I’m convinced it’s the HSPs who value their oils and this community the MOST.


  • Imagine the superpowers of the HSP mom who has more energy, and whose kids have better focus in school.


  • Imagine the productive business meetings of the HSP executive or entrepreneur who has overcome social nervousness.


  • Imagine the outreach programs of the HSP church leaders whose hormones are balanced and who are no longer bound by achy joints.


Are you ready to take the next small-but-mighty-step in owning all of who you are – high sensitivity included? High sensitivity, especially?


Then essential oils, my super-sensitive friend, are for you. 🙂 And I created the Rise & Shine Community to help people like us, who want to overcome our obstacles with safe, gentle, nontoxic solutions (like essential oils and supplements) – but want some help and support along the way.


But before I tell you more about Rise & Shine, I want to you to know the health and wellness company that equips us with the highest quality, most legit essential oils on the planet (Young Living).


Without question, the health and wellness company that I fully, unashamedly endorse is Young Living, because

1) they helped me detox my home in a simple way,

2) they are by far the world’s most trusted experts on essential oils, and best of all

3) they are sensitive to my sensitivities!


Young Living is the perfect fit for me because they understand:


  • why my head needs relief after using conventional cleaning products


  • why I avoid certain foods


  • why I need more sleep


  • why it’s healthy for me to stay away from negative or destructive people


  • what makes it difficult for me to exercise too much


  • how my hormones are connected to my anxious thoughts


  • why I can be out of commission for a few days after doing yard work


  • why I need all-natural mascara


  • what my digestive system has to do with it


  • how to help me release the negative emotions that I so easily absorb and give me a boost of confidence so I can rise to my potential, on any occasion


And so much more…


This is a solid, trustworthy company that actually gives you a toolbox and makes natural living PRACTICAL. They’ve worked hard for 24 years to give people like me effective solutions to ALL of these real-life problems!


Young Living is run by people who care deeply.


BATMANPeople who care about their kids. Their work. Their health. The details of life.


That’s why Young Living is such a good fit for us HSPs. They care about drawing out our individual strengths. They want us shining strong in all our sensitive glory!


SO THAT we can help others become mighty, too.


They have made it easy to cleanse our bodies and brains of harmful toxins – and save money at the same time – by carefully stewarding the earth to provide us with the tools we need to rise up (out of the “bat cave,” perhaps?!?!), and shine.


Since becoming a member with Young Living, I have been able to:


  • regain my health in several areas and get adequate exercise at the right time of day for me


  • overcome pain so I can be a happier parent


  • eat healthier, yet eat more trigger foods without paying for it later


  • turn off my brain when needed and get deeper sleep


  • turn ON my brain when needed, for better appreciation of the present moment


  • maintain healthy boundaries in relationships


  • enjoy richer, healthier relationships


  • release negative emotions and think more positively


  • soothe my muscles when overworked


  • wear makeup without feeling fatigued


  • calm my anxious thoughts


  • respect and value my own intuition


  • confidently speak in front of groups


  • help others turn weaknesses into strengths


And that is why I choose Young Living Essential Oils and created a community for YL oilers.


To empower sensitive people like you and me to rise up and shine bright.





In the Rise & Shine Community, my goal is to educate, encourage, and inspire each other as we conquer our obstacles using the amazingly effective tools that are essential oils.


So, all of our Rise & Shine members have access to the Facebook community. We do online classes, offer one-on-one help to figure out the right oils for each individual, keep our members in the loop for deals, and equip members with easy-to-use resources.


How could I not share this with you?!


Young Living Essential Oils have been a total game-changer for MANY of us, and I want the same for you. <3 Truly.


If you’d like to start seeing the benefits of essential oils in your life, be a part of the Rise & Shine Community, and start using those super-powers… we’d love to see you with your cape on. 🙂


Your essential oils are ready and waiting for you – along with a SPECIAL, OPTIONAL GIFT for HSP women. Check it out!